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Emily – “Full of care and love.”

When Emily planned to study in the UK, Ms. Qin Li and Adela, in charge of QED, helped us to choose the schools which suited Emily, based on her own situation and our needs as parents. QED did a remarkable job – helping with the school applications, submitting the student information, and coordinating school interviews, until we finally received the letter of admission. QED’s teachers also drove in person to visit the three selected schools, gave feedback about the schools’ information to us in time, and helped us make the final decision. Emily was very pleased with the selected school. In this year of studying abroad, we have seen her becoming more independent, confident, cheerful and healthy, which is also the original intention of us as parents. Thanks again to QED and all the teachers for their care and help for Emily.



Sean – “Professional and trustworthy.”

At first, I wasn’t sure if I should send Sean to boarding school in the UK, but I knew he needed to change, to be inspired and encouraged in a new environment. At the very start, QED’s top UK examiner gave Sean an interview and written test (English & Maths). Through an hour of Skype communication, QED’s experienced tutor quickly saw Sean’s strengths and areas for improvement. In her report, she described Sean as “a charismatic and energetic young man who is fit for a boarding life”. It made me believe that sending Sean to the UK high school was the right decision. Based on Sean’s test results, the tutor chose several suitable secondary schools for Sean. QED recommended the three best schools, and with their help, Sean finally got into the ideal school. QED provided a satisfactory, professional and responsible service in the school selection and admissions process. The communication between QED and I was smooth and timely. They are indeed the top British education experts, and their deep understanding of the education system and their good relationships with many schools are worthy of my trust. They went to great lengths to find the right school for my child, which also demonstrated their ethos: that “comprehensive talent is not just an academic success.”