Role Models

Holly Wang


         Holly Yajing Wang is the founder of UK-based fashion brand Miss Patina, which is stocked in more than 100 stores and boutiques across the UK, Europe, Asia,Canada and the USA, this includes Topshop concessions and department stores in Canada and Japan. Holly combines her creativity with business acumen in competitive fashion industry. Miss Patina is known for it’s vintage inspired womenswear with a modern twist. Her cat inspired lines become her signature design. Many celebrities have been seen in Miss Patina, such as Singer Taylor Swift, Pixie Lott, actress Sienna miller and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke. Holly’s work has been featured in many fashion publications such as Vogue, Glamour and Cosmopolitan.

          Holly was awarded the Rising Star of Chinese Business Leader by PWC; Best 7 International Students in the UK by British Council; The Young Design Elite Prize in Fashion by City Zine magazine; the Alumni of the Year award by the University of Greenwich. Her entrepreneur story has been featured in BBC online, Chinese weekly magazine, Minted Edition magazine, and so on. British Council also featured Holly in ‘Great Experience’ documentary to introduce the stories of talented young Chinese entrepreneurs in the UK. Holly’s works were exhibited in UKGREAT Graduate Show by British Council in Beijing and Shanghai.


James Kong

          As 79th generation descendant of Confucius, I have been fortunate to have many very interesting and meaningful experiences with my family in China.I was born in Hong Kong in 1993 but moved to the UK very early on. I have studied in China (Chinese language), Italy and the UK (International Business).
At present I am a FA licensed football agent as well as working at creating my first business within the football industry.

         Involved in football from when I was young I found that team sports often helped me learn about leadership, organisation, teamwork and work ethic. I often think football helped me become the person I am today through the lessons I was taught while playing when I was younger.I have represented the family here in the UK at events and with the media too. Most recently I was invited to speak on a panel at the Horasis Global Conference in Lisbon. I have founded a charity, Confucius Better World Foundation. Some of the activities can be seen on our website along with press cuttings and photos

Tim Hague

           Tim Hague  is an experienced TV, Radio and Web presenter for the BBC, the English Premier League, and is an IELTS accredited English teacher.Tim has a First Class Honours Degree in History from the University of London; the Cambridge University International Certificate in Business Practice (Merit) and has completed every grade possible in Speech and Drama from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) – including their prestigious Gold Medal.

            As such, he has since founded a startup called ChitChatCrew which is an educational and entertainment platform – built within WeChat – that aims to improve the spoken English of Chinese people; provides applicable English skills (including business English and public speaking); whilst also offering cultural enlightenment, fun, and the opportunity to interact with interesting and famous guest speakers – like Wayne Rooney.Tim is an established online English teacher to a select small number of students, and is an expert when it comes to public speaking and the idea of learning “BBC English”. He also works with Chinese societies at UK Universities to lecture on business English and business etiquette.