QED Founder Ms. Qin Li Giving A Speech in University of Cambridge

During the Bank Holiday, QED founder Ms.Qin Li, invited by the University of Cambridge, gave a speech to visiting Chinese firms’ senior executives on UK educations.
Ms Qin. Li points out, study abroad isn’t always the best choice for some students. The parents should fully comprehend the UK education system, the pros and cons of the school and many others specific aspects to make the decision whether it’s a good choice to send their child or children to study abroad.

With scarce education resources within the Chinese market, many parents are misguided. In her speech, Ms.Qin Li has introduced and elaborated on UK educations’ rich history, culture, and how UK elite education is dedicated to produce a well-rounded individual.


Ms.Qin Li has shared many opinions on many heated topics such as how a student can fully utilise his/her advantages and avoid disadvantages, what subjects are suitable for future developments and many others. The audiences were all very immersed in Ms Qin.Li’s speech and had taken many useful advices with them at the end of the session.


Sample Q&A: 
Q:When is the best to study abroad in the UK, and when should my child start to prepare?

A:The best age to study abroad is up to your child’s own mental developments, and the parents know their children the most. But, if a target has been set, it’s better to start preparations for entry exams two years in advance, no matter in which age.



In the UK, admission ages are 11+, 13+ (some schools), GCSE and A level. If you want to get into UK’s top Independent schools such as Eton College, Harrow, Winchester, Wycombe Abbey, both the parents and the child need to be prepared and supervised by mentors.


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