Themed Activities

UK Independent School Chinese New Year Short Term Placement

This program aims to provide the Chinese students a chance to study and discover in depth of UK Independent school life. In comparison with other common vacation and summer school, this program allows the students to truly immerse into the life of a UK independent school or family, experiencing the local culture and life. Every Chinese student will be accompanied by a UK buddy in order for them to quickly assimilate into the school life and improve their English and forge friendships.

Upon participating in this short term placement program, students will experience the essence of UK education and culture. Also, by going to school together with their UK peers, the students will be able to better understand UK education system, and therefore, getting themselves ready for their future study abroad life.

Under the support of UK education expert, QED and the schools and its partners are dedicated to provide the students a meaningful study abroad time.

G5 Preparation Courses

The application of University of Cambridge, Oxford and other G5 universities are extremely competitive. In order to compete with worldwide applicants and students who’ve received UK elite education, Chinese students need to be prepared in all aspects.

This preparatory course is carefully designed just like the university application courses in Eton College and Harrow school. QED’s G5 preparation courses is designed by Professor Stuart Wall and his team to help the Chinese students to improve their competitive strength.

  • University of Cambridge, Oxford mock test
  • Creative minds, high-level comprehension, application essay and essay-writing
  • Mock interview


Sound of Music Course

  • Lead by the department head of music in St. Catherine’s College, University of Cambridge. Taught by experienced UK music teachers.
  • Follow the experienced musical teachers to learn famous UK musicals (For example: Matilda, The Lion King)
  • Systematic and authentic course design, merge music education with seriousness and fun
  • Perform in prestigious locations in the UK
  • Direction and assessment by UK LAMDA examiner

Life Skill Summer Program

Life skill school program is advocated by the UK education ambassador, and acknowledged by UK parents and teachers, QED is now bringing this course to the Chinese students. Life skill school program incorporates the learning of social, school and life skills, and helps the students to get prepared for the future study, work, and life.

The aim of the program:

  • Establish a mature mindset and resilience to solve any upcoming problems. Assure the students understand that no matter how talented he or she naturally is, achievement and efforts are tightly tied together.
  • To understand that efficient team work will bring an outcome that even exceed the sum of all individual members ‘effort.
  • Improve core competitive strength. This is the most important factor to apply for UK independent school, University of Oxford/Cambridge, other Russell Groups schools and scholarship.
  • Learn to have an optimistic mindset, not afraid to make mistakes.

Video Content: Role Models Life Skill Summer Program 2018 

Global Youth Leader BBS

– Cultivate Chinese youth to gain an international outlook, to care for humankind with an open heart, and to have the capacity to lead the future world.

  • Talk with British current parliamentarians and education experts (Reception)
  • Visit the UK Houses of Parliament and debate current affairs (Debating day)
  • Learn British traditional aristocratic etiquette and self-presentation skills (Debretts)
  • Practise English language though intensive learning (speaking and debating skills) (Campus)
  • Participate in in-depth conversations (for example, the relationship between China and the world; how to change the history of the world; the hero of mankind – The Hero’s Journey; the relationship between China and the UK; globalisation versus localisation – the choices of the enterprise, cultural differences and common humanity; the cultural differences between China and the UK in foreign affairs – overcoming the barrier of thought) (Campus, guest speakers)
  • Take part in a team cooperation project (Campus, Creative enterprise)
  • Participate in local social activities (watch dramas, afternoon tea activities, charity events)
  • Visit famous independent schools, meet the school officials
  • Visit local excellent creative enterprises
  • Talk with local peers – same age students
  • Talk with excellent young Chinese entrepreneurs in the UK
  • Take part in cultural exchange activities ( visit museums, natural parks, theme parks)

 British education and cultural exchange

  • Discover London and Oxbridge (The British Museum, National Gallery, Universities, music theatre)
  • Attend a tea party with young successful Chinese entrepreneurs in the UK
  • Participate in London and Cambridge GCSE and A-Level training camps
  • Join British business representatives for afternoon tea


IELTS Summer Camp

QED’s IELTS Summer Camp is an intensive English language training program. The aim of the camp is to improve the students’ practical uses of the English language. The students will be placed in some of the top UK private schools, and learn English and IELTS exam techniques in the best environment available; moreover, the camp is mixed with some truly fascinating cultural and recreational expeditions!