Tailored Advocate Service

Tutorial system education planning – we believe that every child has natural creativity, and respect every child’s unique nature. Understanding and support from the family and a proper guidance from the tutor can bring a happy, confident, incisive and vivid life to children.

British top education experts and pure British education experience offer not only the academic guidance, but also provides students with the British culture influence, successful education and life success wisdom.

The British education focuses on training students to be a well-rounded talent. The British top schools not only require students to have excellent academic performance, but also require students to have independent thinking ability, strong social ability, interests to cultivate sentiments, the bravery to challenge, innovate, and to possess a sense of responsibility and the kindness.

We have seen many Chinese students who have excellent written tests performance but have encountered difficulties in the interview process and unfortunately lost their opportunities. The reason is that British educators believe that academic excellence is important, but it is also the easiest to improve rapidly. However, people with excellent inner qualities are not easy to be found. Therefore, such quality is really valued by the British educators, and thus, the cultivation of inner quality needs to be planned and cultivated as early as possible.

Our tutor customised service will engage the British top education expert for the children in accordance with the nature and talent of each child, and future positioning of the children expected from the parents, to exclusively customise children’s long-term studies, life planning, and adjust timely when needed. Our aim is to let the children build their confidence, understand the world and learn knowledge in a pure British education environment, and cultivate all-quality talents with international outlook, open the door of world-class universities and train future world leaders.


QED all-round assessment —— know yourself and the others well is the key to a successful studying abroad experience

The moment a student decides to study abroad, the question of how to objectively recognise and pinpoint their children’s abilities and personalities becomes evident. It is only through a correct cognition of the child’s overall abilities, the parents are able to make an ideal studying abroad plan for their children.

QED overall assessment is carried out by prestigious UK schools admissions officers and K12 textbook publishers.

QED overall assessment includes written tests (English+Maths) and 1 on 1 interview.

QED teachers will provide an assessment report (in Chinese, English) according to the test results and interview performance. The report summarises and reveals the student’s academic levels, personal potentials, social capability, independency of living and other kinds of skills. According to the report, the parents and student can work with the school to create a best fitted plan for the student’s future development both in school and life.

  • Elite human resources for assessments
  • Acknowledged by UK schools, and Chinese translation is available ;
  • Personal and academic development plan;
  • an all in one Q&A session on life studying abroad


 Online 1 to 1 class – synchronised study with UK top schools 

QED’s elite teaching team provides Chinese students with online 1 to 1 class. The team is established and led by the prestigious publisher of the K12 textbook, Professor Wall.

  • Elite teaching team ——Current UK school teachers and department leaders
  • Flexible time arrangement and course progress
  • Full time track of study results
  • Synchronised course content and materials with the UK schools


–– All discipline essence should begin from mind’s enlightenment. ––

(Jean-Jacques Rousseau)