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Tailored Advocate Service Ι Themed Activities

With exclusive UK education resources, QED customises education plans to enable Chinese students to study abroad. Each individual plan includes UK tutor evaluation, school choice, exam preparation tutorials, school application and admission assistance, etc. The aim of QED is to find the learning environment that can stimulate each student’s potential and happiness; to enable teaching in accordance with their aptitude, and help them to adapt to the learning and life in the UK as soon as possible. QED’s expert team takes on the role of parents, caring for children’s minds and studies, so that students can grow up in the UK in a healthy way and enjoy the best of British education.


QED, through its political and business network in the UK, facilitates age-appropriate socialising outside school, enabling students to broaden their horizons, gather experience, establish a positive outlook on life and identify important values. QED has created the Global Youth Leader BBS, which aims to cultivate Chinese youth to gain an international outlook, to care for humankind with an open heart, and to have the capacity to lead the future world.

QED has teamed up with top British private schools and education teams to exclusively customise academic camps and mainstream summer schools, to create a life-long benefit for Chinese students.

UK senior education experts are hired as life coaches to tailor long-term education and life planning for students and to guide students to maximise their potential – opening the door to world-class universities and training future world leaders.