The Next Stage

Time: the whole year
Location: Beijing Shenzhen
  • Drama in UK is one of the most important and brilliant components of world culture. The names of Shakespeare, Wilde, Bernard Shaw, and Pinter have all made significant contributions to the development of world theater. Drama has a very important position in the British education system. At the end of the 19th century, Britain included drama education in the basic education of young people.
  • LAMDA is the most authoritative special examination and certificate system for English speech, recitation, performance, etc
  • Partnership with Faust International, QED launched the “next stage” -LAMDA programme aiming to introduce and develop LAMDA in China and to aid students in China to prepare for the LAMDA exam and strengthen their own confidence in the meantime.
  • Online group lessonsใ€summer programmes and weekend group lessons are the 3 collars.