Time: Summer (2 weeks)
Location: St George’s Windsor Castle School
  • This programme aims to bring out the inner musician in the students.
  • Over the course of two weeks, they will be working with the Musical Director of St Catherine’s College, Cambridge, to refine their musical abilities, and to work towards a performance at the end of the programme.
  • Tied in to the programme is an emphasis on British culture and language. Students will be able to take English language and creative classes to improve their English language skills.
  • In addition, students can participate in quintessential British activities such as horse-riding; students will also be able to explore the remarkable places England has in store, whilst enjoying the glorious British summer.

Coding and Digital Art

Time: Summer (2 weeks)
Location: Wycombe Abbey
  • The sports programme will be tailored around giving students a taste of various sports and activities central to British cultural life and heritage.
  • The students will have an extensive period of time to practice their horse-riding skills.
  • Aside from that, they will also interact with local students in playing sports such as football, badminton, tennis and basketball in local activity clubs.
  • To build their English language skills, the students will also have some English comprehension lessons alongside many sports-based activities.

Science and High technique

Time: Summer (2 weeks)
Location: Windsor
  • This programme aims to encourage budding scientists to pursue their passion for science by immersing themselves into a 2 week-long science-filled learning course.
  • We’ve collected a list of the best options for beginning the journey into robotics based on students’ age and interests.
  • Centred on the Science Museum, this programme will allow students to explore the wonders of Biology, Physics and Chemistry, whilst enjoying the Great British summer.
  • Further, students will also be able to explore the various other scientific sights in London such as the Natural History Museum and the Greenwich Meridian Line.
  • By exploring these sights, the programme hopes the students will be able to gain a deeper sense of the rich scientific history of Great Britain, and the continued importance of scientific research and development today.

Diplomacy and Leadership

Time: Summer (2 weeks)
Location: Wycombe Abbey
  • The Diplomacy programme aims to give students an immersive insight into the UK Political system.
  • The students will learn about the structure of the UK political system: they will be able to explore the UK Parliament, and to learn about the various ministries that support such a sophisticated and iconic institution.
  • Notably, they will learn about the role of the foreign office, and the importance of soft power in building a more united and prosperous world.
  • Even more, the students will learn the leadership skills such as resilience, the growth mindset, and team work to equip them with skills necessary to become global leaders.

Drama box(China)

Time: whole year
Location: Chengdu/Beijing/Guangzhou/Shenzhen
  • Drama is considered as an important way for children to learn the English language. Drama education is a unique, all-personal education that benefits students throughout their lives.
  • During the performance, students can express themselves more freely, and learn how to listen, respect, empathize and better understand themselves and the world.
  • This course will help students stimulate imagination, cultivate creativity and increase self-confidence through drama practice.
  • Each instructor has undergone professional training for many years and is qualified to perform in a professional theatre. After the course, students will have the opportunity to perform and parents will be invited to see their children’s masterpiece.

UK Boarding School Experience

Time: whole year
Location: Cambridge/Windsor
  • The students will stay at a prestigious boarding school in England, and will take classes with English students, this will provide both an authentic and immersive experience of the English educational system.
  • Students are able to immerse themselves in the British educational system, making use of both the academic and extra-curricular options on offer to aid their own personal development.
  • Further, on weekends, the students will also visit the historic cities such as Oxford and Cambridge, and they will be able to tour some of the university buildings and museums.
  • To top it off, the students will gain a first-hand experience of the London West End by going to watch Mary Poppins, the Musical. This is to be both an academically enriching experience, and a culturally unforgettable time. text

British Students to China

Time: Easter (one week)
Location: Chengdu
  • This experience will allow students to get a feel of Chinese culture and heritage. They will be visiting a fantastic city in the western region of China called Chengdu.
  • Students will also participate in Chinese cultural practices such as martial arts and calligraphy.
  • In this programme, students will be granted an exclusive insight into the Chinese school system, they will be buddied up with a Chinese student, they will receive the invaluable opportunity to learn Mandarin, they will undertake life-changing cultural experiences, and they will be able to sightsee around the beautiful landscapes and sights of Sichuan.