Core Advocates


Ms. Qin Li

As the UK’s first and only Chinese diplomat, Ms. Qin Li has served for UK-China business and education sector for over 16 years. From 2004 to 2008, she was in charge of the former British prime minister’s business visit to China on investment of technologies. Ms. Qin Li is dedicated in leading and improving the education collaboration between the UK and China. She is currently a member of Generation UK in the British government.


Mr. Munday 

Mr. Munday is an experienced educationist, and he is currently the chairman of CEIC. He used to teach in universities and colleges in the UK and other international destinations, and he is now also a member of various education associations and principle association. Mr. Munday graduated from St. Catherine’s College, University of Cambridge.


Mr. Milne 

Mr. Milne is currently the headmaster of a prestigious elementary school. Mr. Milne has studied British history in Ivy League colleges. Before going to University of Bristol studying Education, he is also a member of the Aberdeen football club. His dedication on the students are very well-known by the parents.


Ms. Brazendale

Ms. Brazendale is the international director for a top boarding school in the UK. Ms. Brazendale used to work at the publication department of University of Cambridge and Thomson Reuteurs. She has ample experiences in education, publication, and technologies.


Mr. Cocksworth 

Mr. Cocksworth is currently the international director of a private school and academic vice-president. Mr.Cocksworth has over 17 years experiences in education, he is mainly in charge of course design, education quality, human resources and international relations and collaborations.


QED Academic Associations

Chairman:Professor Wall 

Professor Wall is a famous educationist and economist in Cambridge, and he is also the publisher and author of a range of GCSE and A level textbooks. He has worked closely with many examiners and guided them on the publication of the writing of these teaching materials, and these textbooks are being widely translated and published.


Main teaching staff introduction

QED teaching team is established by Professor Wall, the team is consisted of many experienced top teachers in all subjects in UK private schools.

QED’s all subjects teachers include English, Maths, Geography, Psychology, Chemistry, Law, Economy, Engineering and certainly, finely qualified English teachers.


S. Thomas

Ms. S Thomas is currently the head of psychology department in a private school in Cambridge, and she is also teaching the A-Level psychology course in private schools. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology, literature, and engineering, and she is also participating in a various research projects in universities.

L. Silva

Mr. Silva is an experienced Spanish teahcer, he has teached Spanish in many UK high schools, and he is currently teaching advanced Spanish in a high school. During 2016 and 2017, he is the examiner of of CIE’s AS/A level/GCSE Spanish exams. He was in charge of the team of OCR Asset Language and has lead the team. He also writes exam materials for Asset Language.

M. Trewhella

Mr. Trewhella is an experienced teacher in geography and ecology. He holds a degree in Geography, and used to teach in the various colleges in University of Cambridge. He is also an expert in course design and exam design.

A. Mersh

Mr. Mersh holds a first class degree in education and is now a full time tutor working in Oxfordshire, UK. He graduated in 1990 and after teaching for 4 years in the UK, was employed by the Yew Chung Education Foundation to work at their International School in Hong Kong. In 1996, Mr. Mersh was appointed as Co-Principal at Yew Chung’s Beijing International School. In 1998, he returned to the UK and became the Director of Junior Studies at The Dragon School in Oxford. He was then Headmaster of a preparatory school from 2005 to 2011. From 2011 he has worked as a full-time professional tutor. Mr. Mersh specifically provides tutoring for students from 8-16, helping them pass the 11+ and 13+ exams for UK independent schools and study for their GCSE exams.

H. Day

Ms. Day is a leading teacher in English language and related subjects. He is the examiner of Cambridge Exam center. She has ample experiences in GCSE and A levels English. She has worked in universities in England, Africa, Asia, and Europe, and has made important effort  in Malaysia’s GCSE courses.

P. Walker

Mr. Walker holds a degree in physics and chemistry. He is an experienced teacher in A levels and GCSE Maths, physics and chemistry. As an examiner of the UK exam association (such as AQA), he is keen on revising exam materials.

C. Bigg

Ms. Bigg used to teach in Cambridge’s famous private school (such as The Perse School).

J. Sadler

Mr. Sadler is an experienced teacher and examiner in chemistry. He used to be examiner of GCSE chemistry and published chemistry textbook for Pearson and Marshall Cavendish in Singapore and Asia.

F. Amrani

Mr. Amrani is an experienced educationist, he writes English language textbook targeting teachers and students within the UK and international destinations. He also leads the training of English teahcers in University of Manchester.

G. Roberts

Mr. Roberts holds a master degree in University of Oxford. He has many experiences in A levels and GCSE history, politics, media, and law. He used to teacher in many international schools in Mexico and Thailand, and has worked very closely with colleges in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Singapore.

D. Hawkins

Ms. Hawkins holds a master degree in business management. She is also an experienced teacher in A levels and GCSE business. She has written many books on business management and has worked as lecturer in Anglia Ruskin University and University of Hertfordshire’s business department.

D. Coates

Mr. Coates is experienced the teaching of science subjects (biology, chemistry, physics) in GCSE and A Level. He holds a master degree in natural science in University of Cambridge. He has also taught in China, Africa and various European countries.

L. McLoughlin

Ms. McLoughlin holds master degrees in modern language. She is experienced in France, Germany, and English literature. She is a language expert in language skills and assessment.

Dr M. Al-kilani

Dr. Al-kilani holds a doctor’s degree in accounting and economy. He has also written accounting and economy textbook for Pearson. He has ample experiences in A Level accounting and other mainstream university acknowledged accounting courses.

M. Voice

Mr. Voice has ample experiences in accounting, business and law. He has worked in famous colleges such as Bellerby’s and MPW.

J. Wilkes

Ms. Wilkes is an experienced teacher in GCSE and A Level biology. She holds a master degree in biology and law. She used to teach in Australia, Costa Rica, and Cambridge, she is also very experienced in International education.

S. Khan

Mr. Khan has abundant experiences in maths, physics, and computer science. He holds master degrees in physics and engineering, and is also doing researches in Cardiff laboratory in University of Cambridge.

B. Hughes

Mr. Hughes is very experienced in GCSE and A Level sociology and business. He holds a master degree and has worked in many international schools in Cambridge like Bellerby’s and Mand Portman Woodward.

K. Peck

Mr. Peck is experienced in A Level accounting, he holds a degree in economy and various certificates in accounting.

Dr. Atminas

Dr. Atminas is a mathematician, currently teaching at London school of Economics and Political Science. He achieved his Bachelor and Master degree in Mathematics in the University of Cambridge and his Ph.D. at the University of Warwick. He is an expereinced mathematics teacher in A level and UG/PG level and a productive researcher in pure mathematics.