Pre-University Summer Programme

Time: Summer (5 weeks)
Location: University of Cambridge, University of Surrey
  • This programme aims to provide a challenging and academically stimulating experience for students looking to apply to UK universities.
  • Students will learn how to excel on the IELTS, and by producing a rigorous and graded project work, they can demonstrate their capacity for hard-work and their passion for their subject in both their personal statement and at university interviews.
  • Further, their time in the UK will be supplemented by university visits and open days to the top academic institutions in Britain, including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Imperial College, London.
  • These visits should allow students to be able to make an informed and well-thought out choice when deciding on universities to apply for in their UCAS application.
  • This programme will be delivered by Dr Kevin Lin OBE, the Lead Interpreter of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • Students will live and study at the University of Cambridge or the University of Surrey which will allow them to experience what studying abroad looks like. 

Oxbridge Pathway

Time: Summer (4 weeks)
Location: China
  • The programme is led by experienced tutors with an Oxbridge background to offer real life experiences and to provide tremendous academic support.
  • Designed to be delivered within one to two years for Oxbridge applicants.
  • Focused on preparation for the Oxbridge application to triple your chances of success, ensuring you are well-prepared for the demanding admissions process. 
  • To help build your application so it’s the strongest it can be. 
  • Each of our tutors is a specialist in their field and scored in the top 10% nationally.

GCSE&A-Level Preparation Programme

Time: Summer (4 weeks)
Location: University of Surrey
  • This is an extremely rigorous academic programme that aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge to thrive and excel in both their GCSEs and A Levels.
  • The students will receive the exciting and amazing opportunity to network with UK school students who are also studying the same subjects as they are.
  • This networking opportunity will not only allow for greater academic engagement, but it will provide an avenue for cross-cultural exchanges.
  • Aside from academic work, students will be able to visit many iconic cities and locations in England. Hence, students won’t just gain an amazing academic experience, they will also be able to enjoy the thrills of being in England.

UK Independent Schools Assessment Centre

Time: April & October
Location: Chengdu/Shenzhen
  • Our students in years five to seven will be assessed and taught examination technique as preparation for their future studies.
  • The students will sit an interview and be professionally assessed by one of our UK school specialists.
  • After the interview workshop in which the interview techniques are introduced, students will have second interview to see if the student has taken the suggested advice on board.
  • Students will sit a typical ISEB examination paper in supervised conditions. The students will receive personalized feedback as to where they need to improve and continue to work on.
  • In the workshop there will be an opportunity for parents to learn about the process in detail and how to help their child.

KET/PET Training Programme

Time: whole Academic year
Location: UK/China
  • The Key English Test (KET) and the Preliminary English Test (PET), are English language examinations provided by Cambridge Assessment English, which are targeted for ESL/EFL students.
  • Whether in first-tier cities in China, the Commonwealth or North America, the KET/PET certificate is an important bonus for entering top schools.
  • This course contains two stages: in stage one, students will take online tuition, and then in stage two, they will attend face-to-face sessions in the UK and take the test in the UK, which will allow them to gain the certificate faster.

Anglia Examinations Programme

Time: whole Academic year
Location: UK/China
  • Anglia Examinations was established is owned by the renowned UK education institution Chichester College, and cover all four language skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking).
  • Most Anglia candidates take the examinations from age 4 onwards, gradually working their way up the steps
  • Tutors will assess students’ current English proficiency and find the most suitable way to guide them step by step.
  • This course contains two stages: in stage one, students will take online tuition, and then in stage two, they will attend face-to-face sessions in the UK and take the test in the UK, which will allow them to gain the certificate faster.

Oxbridge Admission Test Preparation

  • Some top universities in the UK require students to take additional subject-specific admissions test. For example, STEP and MAT. STEP is a well-established mathematics examination designed to test candidates on questions that are similar in style to undergraduate mathematics. MAT is for applicants to the University of Oxford’s undergraduate degree courses in Mathematics, Computer Science and their joint degrees.
  • The programme is led by a brilliant tutor who is a graduate of Cambridge University. The lessons provide a tremendously helpful guide into how admissions test work, techniques on how to answer admission test questions, and useful tips on how to excel on the tests.

English Comprehension and Creative Writing Course

  • The literature that QED’s students will study on the 15-hour programme will be based around famous, classic English literature texts.
  • Literary classics will expand students’ minds, encouraging students to form and build on their own opinions, comment on the text’s universal themes, whilst analysing the use of different language and devices.
  • For creative writing class, students will look at the different genres such as magazine articles, speeches, stories, and persuasive pieces.
  • Tutors will assist students with issues such as time constraints under exam conditions, strategic tips and advice relating to their use of grammar and vocabulary.
  • The content of the course will encourage students to build on original ideas, engage more articulately, be analytical and adopt a broader range of vocabulary.
  • Most importantly, students will gain a greater understanding of the English language and the greatest works of English literature.